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Can both users in a family account use the same domain?

8090812 shared this question 3 years ago
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I bought the service to set up a family account for me and my wife. We want to use our own domain for email. Your documentation is very unclear about whether this is possible. Are we going to be able to use something like this with your service?





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I am +++++@mailbox.com. And I have setup the MX records so I am also paul@domain.org.


I want to create another account for my brother ken@domain.org.

How do I do that? Will creating a family account work automatically? Will I be able to create brotherken@mailbox.org and have it also as en@domain.org?



Once you change the MX records for your domain name (https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/knowledge-base/article/e-mail-addresses-of-your-own-domain) all emails for that domain will go to mailbox servers. Any mailbox account with mailbox.org security key for that domain will be able to add a new external alias instantly, they do not have to be 'family' accounts.

Follow the instructions in order to set up family accounts (https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/knowledge-base/article/family-accounts-set-up), please note that it is not possible to link existing mailbox accounts, or directly remove/separate the accounts later as suggested in that documentation.