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Can you make the "@mailbox.org" in the login form implicit?

3922061 shared this idea 7 months ago

Hey there,

in the old system I only had to type in my username and password to login. Now I have to enter the @mailbox.org part as well, which I believe should be implicitly assumed unless you enter another address. Gmail has it this way and it feels more fluid.


PS: not sure which category would fit...none of the suggested. shouldn't there be a "UI / UX" category?

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FYI There are other users, like myself, that uses "@customdomain" for the login form


Yes, logging in with a custom domain should be possible. But if you leave out the @doman.tld part, @mailbox.org should be assumed.


When mailbox.org started, you could never log on only with your username. You had to use your full e-mail address.

This was really important to us, as there is nothing more disgusting than ambiguous behaviour.

At a certain point it became, regretfully, possible to log on only with the local part (username). This is something that we – if we may be straight – have always cursed, as this causes a lot of support from our end on one hand. On the other hand it results in disappointed / outraged customers that end up resigning, as they think they could log on to DAV, chat and elsewhere with the local part. However, this does not work, plus it’s impossible to enable this.

Hence to us it is very important that we have the full e-mail address and we’d like to emphasize that this cannot be discussed.

Apart from that we’ve come up with a new concept for easily saving the e-mail address and password without the "remember password feature" of the browser. I think that this has been a cool idea…:-)

Stay tuned for more to come.


I'm curious how many logins using custom domains vs logins using @mailbox.org you have one average per day.

I'm assuming the large majority doesn't have a custom domain - and even if they do, they might just login with their mailbox.org username, like me.

Looking at the thumbsups for this feature request there apparently is a wish to enable this.

> It's impossible to enable this

Unless you have a developer in your team, who knows how to make the necessary changes.

I get your point that it causes confusion for cross-service logins, but I imagine that you could educate those users with a simple warning when they login.

"Dear user, we noticed you tried to login with only your username on mailbox.org. Please keep in mind that you will have to use <your name>@mailbox.org for all other services to login. Now enjoy your inbox!"

I'm sure Support would find more adequate wording for this =)



Your idea is quite neat, but we have business customers that login to their admin interface without any @ symbol.

So regretfully that doesn't work.