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Cannot access carddav service

Paul shared this problem 2 years ago


As of today I cannot access the carddav service on my MacBook. I deleted my local setup to reconnect but can no longer access the service. Instead I get the error below stating that my account name or password canto be verified.

The credentials I'm using are correct (same I use to post here), plus I have no issue accessing mail or calendar services in the same computer.

Please advise


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We have had a temporary technical interruption in the carddav service.

We have activated CORS for this service yesterday evening but some clients seems to have problems with it. These problems don't appear on our test-systems.

We deactivated it now. The service will be available again.


Thank you - I confirm I can now connect to CardDav again.

FYI: My client details are here should it be of us. I'm using the standard Contacts app and setting up Mailbox via the System Preferences → Internet Accounts option