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Cannot create a Contact in my free trial account

4870918 shared this question 16 months ago
Need Answer


I have created yesterday my Trial account on Mailbox. I have played with several functions includind sync with my Android mobile and everything looks pretty fine.

The only Problem I have is with Contacts:

1. On the web client I cannot create any Contact (see attached file)

2. On my android Phone (synced with OX Sync) 3 Accounts have been automatically created (Contacts, Global Adress book and collected addresses). When I ceate a new Contact from my mobile, it will not be visible on the Web client regardless of the account that has been used. By the way, I do not understand why 3 accounts have been created...

As a result I can create Contacts neither from the Web client nor from my mobile.

Is that a bug or a limitation of the trial account?

Thank you in advance for your answer.