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Cannot log in to help.mailbox.org

5170262 shared this problem 3 years ago

There's a really annoying spammer that's found a way through the filters.

So, after being told by autoreply to log into help.mailbox.org to report a problem, I find that the username/password for my mailbox.org account does not, in fact, give me access to this system.

The same username/password I use to log into the webmail host every other day.

Asking for a password reset from help.mailbox.org does nothing.

The lack of a "report spam" feature is really the one thing that is making me consider giving my MX back to Google.

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Hello, sorry to hear that the login didn't work for you.

I just verified this and found that it works correctly.

However, there is one thing to consider: Both, on the login page to access your e-mail account and on the help portal you mentioned, we advise that a login has to be done with the e-mail address.

We do allow a login for "@mailbox.org" users without the domain part for your e-mail account. (Just using myname@mailbox.org )

Due to technical reasons this is not possible for the help portal though.

So best practice is to always use your full e-mail address for a login to any of our services. (also applies for this forum)


Yes, I just verified this does not work using my full mailbox.org e-mail address, with the same password I used to access this forum and my Inbox.


Hi there,

currently we do see that Jira has some hickups and wouldn't let you in on the first shot.

Typically the second shot works then.

If not, please try again after deleting all cookies from your browser.

We're working on this together with our vendor.

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