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Cannot send e-mails via Gmail account (Google APIS error)

1834634 shared this problem 11 months ago

Hello, can you help me with this very annoying issue when sending messages from one of the my Gmail accounts? I keep getting the error message since the last couple of weeks (was working fine until then): "The selected authentication type is not supported by server http://www.googleapis.com";

Thank you very much!

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Looks like Google is tightening the reigns and forcing smaller companies to get an expensive security certificate if they want to keep on using imap for getting their e-mails through other providers (here: mailbox.org)

You can allow "less secure apps" in your google account. Check out this screenshot:



I wouldn't do this though. I would go away from Google all together.

Maybe forward all your messages to your mailbox.org address for a year. Always reply from your mailbox.org account. Then everybody should get it that you moved.

Personally I think. If you don't have contact with someone for over a year, you don't need to keep that contact.

Afterwards make sure to delete the google account according to GDRP, so that they cannot use your data anymore. Maybe put in a wrong address and phone number a couple o'months before the final deletion in order to annoy them a bit.

Here's guide on how to delete your g-mail account.