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Cannot send emails

1564729 shared this problem 12 months ago


Opened an account a few hours ago

I am getting this message!

"Limits for this account are exceeded"

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Yes. unpaid (!) accounts are very limited in sending e-mails because we have so many spam/fraud botnets here, misusing trial accounts. Sorry.


Well so much for trialling the service!

I've only sent a few test emails etc, tested calendar, address book and cloud toitalling a few MB's

I cannot entrust my email to this servcie if using 582kb of email space is enough to block me!


This has nothing to do with the amount of space, but with the amout of mails that can be sent without any contral that this account is not misused by a botnet.

This has nothing to do with "trust". This is explained *everywhere* (when opening the account at register.mailbox.org, but also within the first welcome mails).


Thanks for reply on a Sunday morning :)

I have paid for a month to test fully the whole apparatus and hope all going well I weill transfer my email domain to here as I really want all mail, calendar, tasks and even files on one portal.

Last question, for file storage can you confirm if the first paid upgrade jumps from 100mb to 25gb - is there anything inbetween on offer?