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Can't create a new Team/Family account

A4 shared this problem 13 months ago


I have recently subscribed to "Mail XL" package in order to use Family Accounts with my partner. But when creating a new team mail account (partner's), I get just this generic error "Failed to create the OX account".

Here's how I got to this point:

  1. I have created the partner's account before, before finding out that it needs to be created winthin the main (my) account..
  2. So I have followed your guide on KB – created a new alias for partner's account, switched it as a main address, removed the original and unblocked it for registration again
  3. All this was successfully completed
  4. I went to my account to create partner's new account from within my account (to connect them in Team mail), but it failed with this generic error

Any assistance would be appreciated as I'm already paying for features I can't use..


Edit – few more notes if it helps:

  • I'm using custom domain on my main account
  • Subscribed to MailXL (and already active)

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for further investigation, please open a ticket at help.mailbox.org

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Hello, I already did that (a week ago), this hasn't got any response there. That's why I submitted the same thing in here.