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Can't enter recovery information

7191657 shared this problem 16 months ago

The recovery information setting will not accept my phone number.

It expects a european format.

Here in Canada the format is [area code, 3 digit] [3 digits]-[4 digits]

Ex: 123 555-1234

The country code is 1 so it can also be written 1 123 555-1234

I tried a few formats but it doesn't want to accept it.

Also, what is this "Phone number password" ??

Also, every time the page reloaded, it set my recovery email to my mailbox.org email...

This field should be blank by default so that users don't input their own email as the recovery email and create a loop.

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Hi there,

thanks for your hints, we will bugfix the phone number format.

in this case, the easiest fix would be to either enter an alternative e-mail address for password recovery or enter a phone number password. If you lost your e-mail password, you can call us and verify yourself with this password. Then we can hand you out a new password.

Should you have forgotten your password but still have access to your e-mail client (with the password saved there), you also have the option to perform a password reset to your own address.

If your mailaddress shows up after every reload that's maybe a pre-fill-in from your browser?