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Can't receive email from several servers?

1181513 shared this problem 1 month ago


Yesterday I applied for digital receipt from two certain website. Then they sent mails automatically.

However, my mailbox.org account could receive neither of them. So I had to use other email account.

These mails work fine with a dismail.de or protonmail.ch account.

After 24 hours, these mails still remain unseen at my mailbox.org account. not in the trash folder.

I checked, these two senders are: xxxxx@deppon.com and xxxxx@sf-express.com

Could you help me with that?

I am afraid of not receiving mails from certain servers, which i am not aware of.

Admin EDIT: censored e-mail addresses

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Please check your settings in the blacklist option of your account.


I haven't set any blacklist servers.


Please check your spam filter settings and make sure they are not set to "reject".

To find this setting, please click on the avatar symbol on the very right and choose "settings". Then proceed according to the screenshot.


I set the spamprotection settings to "moving to trash" and re-test the mail which i failed to receive about a week ago.

The result is not satisfactory. These mails stiils remain unseen after 24 hours since these mails were sent, not in the trash folder.

What's the reason?