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Can't stay logged in with 2FA

9876502 shared this problem 17 months ago


I want to stay logged in on the web and I'm using 2FA. However I often got the following error:

There was an issue while authenticating. This may be due to a recent password change. To continue please log out and log back in with your most current password.
I also got this error from time to time on for a new login.

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What is "2FA"?

Sorry I'm not good with acronyms (I guess it's a generational thing).


Ah -- it's the "Two-step verification or two-step authentication" thing.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

I already have enough trouble with just dealing with log-ins in the most simplistic forms so have never even considered adding potential trouble in my life. ;)

I was wondering because I cannot seem to get the "Automatic Sign Out" option to work when it is set to "Never". I still find myself regularly logged off after a few days and someone had mentioned in that topic that they sometimes get errors using "2FA" that apparently interferes with this option.

Have you every used the "Never" setting for the "Automatic Sign Out" option? (this option is in "Settings">"Security")

Mailbox.org has some really nice and convenient settings (like the "Never" setting and "Dark" theme settings) -- but it seems that some of these settings do not work (CSS code was necessary to get a "Dark" theme since the setting didn't work and the "Never" setting apparently doesn't work for me either and I am retaining Mailbox.org cookies).


There is no true darkmode on this website.

Their darkmode is pretty much a blue theme for the header which, i agree, makes no sense at all