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  • Hello,
    I just found out about mailbox.org, wanted to ask a couple of questions before we make any further moves.
    Does mailbox.org supports custom domains? If so, is there an official guide on how to setup, and pricing per mail box? Currently our need is to have 5 accounts for 5 different users, is that possible thorugh mailbox?If mailbox.org supports custom domain, can I use one of those 5 accounts and use it with our website to send emails using SMTP protocol? Is there restriction on this?Thank you in advance.

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Yes, mailbox.org support custom domains.

You can check the guide in the knowledge base, here https://kb.mailbox.org/display/MBOKBEN/Using+e-mail+addresses+of+your+domain

About pricing, you can go at the end of the home page. There are info about how many users you can create on different plans. There's also a "tariff calculator", basically a slider you can move on your own gigabyte needs.

At 1€ per month you are limited at 3 aliases. So, the best option is to go for team mail at 2,50€ per month.

Here's a screenshot of the home page, but it's better if you go there and check for yourself.



I am opening this ticket again because it seems to not be completely solved:

Let's assume each member is associated with the same team (and pays the minimum 2.50€ each). The user that initiated the team (user1) has a custom domain (example.com) associated with his account and uses his alias (user1@example.com), including the TXT-records and custom MX-records set at the domain registrar.

Do the other team members have access to this custom domain (user2@example.com, user3@example.com, ..) as well?

Further, if the team-initiator (user1) has a wildcard ( *@example.com) set as an alias, will he get the mails related to (user2@example.com, user3@example.com, ..) as well or are the specific set aliases excluded?


> Do the other team members have access to this custom domain (user2@example.com, user3@example.com, ..) as well?

I can confirm this works.

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