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Custom domain and distribution lists

4777021 shared this question 2 months ago
Need Answer

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mailbox.org user coming from a self hosted hMailServer instance with my own domain.

So far mailbox.org seem to do the job as good as hMailServer, the key difference is that Mailbox.org is a maintained product :)

There is one feature that I cannot seem to find information on : distribution lists.

How can I recreate our distribution lists on mailbox.org ?

The goal is to achieve this : an email received on contact@customdomain.com has to be distributed to user1@customdomain.com AND user2@customdomain.com

Another way of achieving this would be via filter rules with something like : if email is received on contact@customdomain.com then send a copy to user2@customdomain.com

Since we are only 2 users with 2 distribution lists, that is an acceptable solution. However there is no "copy" in the action list on the filter rule page.

I'm kinda stuck here; any help would be appreciated.