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delay in receiving an email

1767345 shared this problem 4 years ago

A few days ago I was waiting for a verification email from a website and had to wait 20 minutes for it to arrive in my mailbox.org account. It happened again today on my wife's computer in her mailbox.org account waiting for a verification email from a different website. When we tried having the verification email sent to one of our other non-mailbox.org email addresses it arrived immediately. Is the delay a problem in mailbox.org? Is the delay intentional? If it is intentional, why?

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Some ISPs are using a so called "Greylisting". Incoming mails from UNKNOWN systems are temporarily rejected for 5 minutes. If -- like in your case -- the mail still needed 20 minutes the sending system haven't retried for so long. But that's their issue and decission.

This is a very good prevention against botnets sending spam and also against viruses. For some reasons spam/virus-botnets have troubles to "survive" greylisting and also a signature based virus scanner will have more success once the e-mail is delayed a little bit.

Once a system is "known" and it's proved that it's a mail server and not a botnet e-mails are accepted immediately without any delay. That's why 98% of all e-mails aren't deferred at all. All well known ISPs are already learned by the self-improvement of the system. All normal e-mails between ISPs aren't affected of that.

The only "problem" is a verification mail from unknown, mostly small platforms, running their own systems, that haven't send any mails to us in the past. But in general I'm very sure that the overall benefit in security and spam-protection are absolutely worth using greylisting.


Thank you very much for that explanation! Very helpful.


Same problem here. Taking me ages to update my email addresses in lots of accounts and forums etc. What should take minutes is taking me ages and gets very confusing in the meantime...

Explanation does help clarify the situation.


A good mailsystem will retry after 5 minutes. That's the default worldwide.

A bad or misconfigured mailsystem will do something else. If the SENDER'S (!) mailsystem need hours to deliver a mail, it's a problem of the bad sender's mailsystem and of its postmaster.

The recipient side does not have any influence into the time for retrys.

It's like a fax machine. It's the sender's fax machine that has to decide when to redial. And if a fax machine does a redial after 4h, it's the setup of the owner of that sending machine.

After all, that's never something of the recipient's side and of the quality of the recipient's side.


Thank you for the detail it is appreciated. The two accounts in question are well known for various issues and problems. One of them being BT here in the UK which is the very reason I'm now using you guys instead! Fortunately BT eventually managed to respond about two hours later and I managed to update my account eventually after much faffing about.

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