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Demo account expired how do I pay?

9591645 shared this question 16 months ago
Need Answer

Would like to keep a demo account that has expired but require a payment option other than bank transfer.. is this possible?

You didnt activate your account due to payment, so it has been deleted.

To reactivate it, you first need to transfer money to your account.




BFSWDE33BER (Sozialbank Berlin)

final delete date:

Mon, 14 May 18 22:00:00 +0000

No doubt an ongoing issue.. your tutorial on how to recover a deactivated account explains what happens, but the "how" part not so much. Perhaps a link to payment options external of login on your New Account page? It would save a lot of frustration and = more $. Biz 101.. "in business you should never make it difficult for a new client to spend their money".. old school but applicable.