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Disable automatic "year" subfolder for archiving.

7013660 shared this idea 9 months ago

I've never come across any other provider, service or application that does this by default.

It would be nice to have an option to disable it in mailbox.org's web UI. But this may be a limitation of the OX Suite.

Just having one large box for all archived mail is much better than having a folder for each year (for myself, anyway).

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Definitely, I miss that feature.


I too support this request. These subfolders are a terrible idea, especially because you need to click on the folder if you want to search an email. If just select the "Archive" folder, the search returns nothing. If I search an old email, I don't necessarily remember if it was from 2017 or 2015, and currently I'd need to search folder by folder. (Otherwise, I think the search feature is fantastic :) )

Mailbox team, please include a feature to turn it off.


I came here just to say the same - it's annoying! Majority of the clients allow you do configure archive path pattern (and opt for sane Archive/<original_folder> (so you maintain the structure). Mailbox team - please implement it!


Please fix it. It's really a bad one