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DKIM and DMARK for a personal domain

1935970 shared this question 2 weeks ago
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Hi everyone,

I succesfully configured my personal domain, with SPF working correctly.

Checked with mail-tester.com and it gives an high score, so probably it will never end to the spam folder.

But I've also tried to send to a gmail address and, unfortunately, it will end in the spam folder.

Then I found the DKIM and DMARC debate and other users talking in this forum.

There's also a video of Peer Heinlein explaining this https://www.heinlein-support.de/sites/default/files/SPF_DKIM_Greylisting_CLT-2011.mp4

But German it's not my native language, so even translating something I can't understand everything.

Finally found in the knowledge base some info about DKIM and it says is only available for business users.

With a personal domain is not possible to get DKIM and DMARC? I'm a freelance anyway , don't own a business.

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The blog post released a week or so ago mentioned DKIM will be coming to non-business custom domain owners in the upcoming weeks. Check out the blog for more details. I believe the blog date was 11/14 or 11/15


Thanks for your reply!

I didn't read the last blog post till the end. Yes, it says in a few weeks. So we have to wait for more info.