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e-mail quota full

8127997 shared this question 7 months ago


I have been a fan of this email service for a few years but lately it doesnt seem to work well. My email quota (storage) is listed as a 100% full, and stays at 100% even if I keep deleting emails. This is very frustrating since i am not able to receive new emails. Also I would like to know how much e-mails are in my inbox and have a better idea of how much space is actually taken by them because from my estimates there is no way that my current email data adds up to 2 gigabite. Anyway I would like to get in contact with someone, preferrably by phone but there seems no other way of contacting them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Actually your account ran out of money and is unpaid. You have received several warnings (5 to 6) in the last three month about that. On February 19th it'll be deleted if it's still unpaid.

For that, your account felt back into unpaid/testing with 100 MB mailquota and your 1.8 GB inbox is ~1800% over quota.

Please have a look into the payment menu in your settings and add some money. I'll be immediately switch back into paid mode and also your 2 GB quota will come back.

Please investigate, why you haven't seen any of our e-mail notifications.