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Emails sent from iPhone not showing on Sent folder on webmail

2612490 shared this problem 16 months ago

Good afternoon,

Please do excuse in advance any grammar / misspelling as English is not my first language.

So I have just found out that whenever I send an email through my iPhone's native Mail app, it won't sync - it won't appear on the "Sent" folder on webmail, nor on my Outlook's sent folder. It just as it would only be recorded on my iPhone, and nowhere else. (The email reaches its addressee in any case and I can get responses, but it just does not show on the Sent folder anywhere besides my iPhone).

Everything is configured on IMAP and according to what I was taking for granted before finding out this issue, working properly (I'm not getting config errors from any type on either side whatsoever).

Since the emails are not shown on Webmail, my guess is that error is on the iPhone's side.

Does anybody have an idea of what is happening?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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Issue resolved :)

I have just found out that I had two separate "Sent" folders: "Sent" and "Sent Messages" (I don't know why) and for some reason the emails sent through Outlook were being stored at "Sent", and the ones sent using iPhone were stored at "Sent Messages".

I have selected the "Sent" folder on my iPhone and now all the sent emails are being stored at the same folder :)

I'm glad I found the solution :)