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Encrypt existing emails or mailfolders via webinterface or map-rule.

User02 shared this idea 13 months ago

I would like the ability to encrypt previously received or sent messages via the web-interface or automatically by moving the message to a specific IMAP folder.

Normally emails are encrypted either before sending or due to the inbox encryption rule, this is limiting though. PGP encryption is not only a layer of protection during transfer but also during storage.

- I would like the ability to select an email message or messages or even an e-mail folder via mailbox.org web-interface and that click "encrypt".

- The result should be an PGP-encrypted mail message(s) that also can be decrypted using Canary Mail app or Thunderbird for relatively easy decryption.

- The timestamps of the messages should not be altered for that meta-data might be useful for searching a message in the future.

+ It would also be nice if I could enable a 'watcher' on a certain IMAP folder. Any mail-client could move a message to that folder which would then be picked up by the watcher and replaced with a encrypted version. The encrypted message could be saved in the same folder or another 'done' folder if that is technically desirable.

+ It would be nice to be able to permanently decrypt folders or emails. Though this is not common with e-mail, only with files that are PGP-encrypted; however, having this ability might provide users with opportunity to correct any mistakes as one-way-streets can create problems.

> I understand that the mailbox.org backup mechanism might have unencrypted copies of the original e-mail messages. That is fine. Those messages or not accessible via IMAP. It would require a restoring action via the 2FA protected web-interface. - For large encryption actions it might even be desirable to have such a back-up, just in case. Over time the unencrypted copies in back-ups will get deleted when the backup becomes too old.

Background: sometimes conversations do occur non-encrypted because automated systems are involved and I cannot force a sender to use PGP, I can enforce a STARTTLS connection with the nice secure.mailbox.org aliases but the mail conversation itself would not be encrypted.

The idea above describes an use case for secure encrypted archiving of e-mail messages without requiring the original conversation-partner to interact with anything special like setting up PGP or using the temporary Guard mailbox. It is just a normal e-mail conversation, which is securely archived in hindsight.

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I had this same issue and found this program IMAPCrypt While I never got the GUI loaded it ran fine in Command line mode


Cool nice app :)... encrypting subject line with such a tool would be amazing...