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Encryption not working for email from Gmail and ProtonMail

9373310 shared this problem 3 years ago

Incoming emails from Gmail and ProtonMail bypass the Mailbox.org Mail Filter Rules, Inbox Encryption and Guard Security. Email test sent from different email accounts from these two providers, all went into inbox unencrypted and bypass the mail filter rules.

Incoming emails from Yahoo Mail and others were OK.

Anyone has the same issue? Please do a test to confirm.

Support Ticket: [HPLS-Ticket#2016110910002191]

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Recent test showed Yahoo Mail failed to encrypt too.


Incoming emails from other providers also seem to be unencrypted although the option is activated.


This problem affected < 500 users and only mails in a specific S/MIME-format. Our Software decided, that those e-mails are already encrypted and skipped the encryption.

We just made a bugfix in the code which we will rollout this afternoon OR tomorrow.