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External Mailbox and Migration

4893131 shared this question 7 months ago
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New user, still in trial. If you've linked an external mailbox, can you then move email from the external mailbox to the mailbox.org account? The step-by-step falls short of saying you can do this...

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I did it successfully yesterday. Easy:

Install Mozilla Thunderbird, the free desktop email client.

Link your old email account to it.

Organise your folders in your mailbox.org account the same way as in your old email account

Link your mailbox.org account to your thunderbird client

You now have the 2 email accounts in Thunderbird

Just drag and drop the emails in your old accounts folders to your mailbox.org account folders.

This will import the mails to your web mailbox.org.

The alternative of course is to just pay the £3 for Mailbox.org to do it for you...