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Family Account

9749028 shared this idea 3 years ago

Hi, I've just purchase the XL account and want to set it up as a family account with my wife.

We are about to purchase her a family account too. However I perhaps misunderstood something, when I go to set up family account I am told I need to set up a new email address. I don't really want to create a new email address to be a family account, instead i would prefer to set up the current email with group privileges. If this is not possible can I somehow connect the new 'family' email and this one so that I don't need to log in twice to see the emails etc from each?

Also would I then need to pay for this email and for the family email? I have no need for two emails. But perhaps I am misunderstanding. Please help!

I did read the following article but it didn't seem to tell me how this works: https://support-en.mailbox.org/knowledge-base/article/family-accounts-all-questions-and-answers