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Features compared to Posteo

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Currently i am a Posteo user because they advertised with features i needed. Email with 2 identities are working properly but problems come with the calendar and contacts importation.


So i have birthdays added to my contacts. Apparently Posteo has a limitation to the year which is a range of 100 years. If someone is older then 100, the birthday is not picked up by Posteo anymore and the date simply gets deleted. Or if i add a year that is 99 years ago and then next year it hits 100 it also get deleted.

Does Mailbox.org have this same (stupid) limitation to birthday dates or can i for example add a birthday date to someone from 2000 years ago and it would still show up in my contact birthday/ birthday list and calendar?

Also does Mailbox have a birthday (custom set) notification/reminder email present ? For example: someones birthday is tomorrow so i can set it that i get an email the day before at 23.55 to remind me of that persons birthday?


I am trying to get my calendars and a calendar feed added to Posteo but they have made it so there are calendar categories and calendar colors. But when importing a calendar from Google it sets the calendar to Default with a color that can not be changed. Basically all imported calendars have the same color without being able to change it which is pretty useless for me. The only option is to manually change each entry which no one is ever going to do.

Does Mailbox provide a color coding option to imported and new calendar entries?

Last question unrelated to the above. Does Mailbox have a proper migration service in case i want to make the switch from Posteo to Mailbox? This is mostly for the emails and folder structure i have set.

Example: i have a folder structure something like




--<important emails>

Will this be imported/migrated to Mailbox "as is"?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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No one who can answer a few of these questions?


Thanks for all the great replies. Support from mailbox.org themselves send me here to ask the community because they apparently have it too busy to take 1 minute and just say yes or no on the questions.

Really shows mailbox cares for their users and possible future users



This is a user forum, so we help each other. Sometimes mailbox.org team answer here, but mostly is populated by users.

  1. About birthdays in contacts: the "oldest" year you can select is 1869.
  2. Reminder for birthdays is automatically created when you insert the date in your contact.
  3. Yes, you can add an optional reminder like "Notify me 5 minutes before start". You can choose Mail, Audio or Notification as a reminder method.
  4. Colors in Calendar are fully editable. You can change the calendar color and a single event color (different from calendar color). I never imported a calendar, so I can't answer specifically on that, but I suppose you can change the color even on imported things.
  5. For email migration, they offer a service that automatically exports and imports all your data. Again, I never used that service so I don't know how it works but I can suggest that: if you have Thunderbird, your old Posteo and new mailbox.org account configured, you can export all your emails in .mbox format and import it in mailbox.org. Or you can drag and drop emails directly in Thunderbird from one account to another, but I think this way is too risky.

Hope that helps.

Don't take these answers too technically correct, I'm just a user like you.


Thanks. This already helps a lot.

I don't know if you know this as a user but you said the oldest year is 1869, which is fine but does this "add up" each year gone by? Example now its 1869 and then next year 1870. Basically having a time frame and deleting entries that fall out of it.

Posteo does it like this (which annoys me a lot): there is a 100 year limit on a birthday and a birthday must have a year behind it in order to be correctly imported and applied in the calendar. For some people i don't know their year so i had filled in 1900. Since Posteo only goes back to 1919 it did not pick it up. So i changed them to 1919 but learned that next year the furthest year back would then be 1920 and all entries with 1919 will be deleted and not show up anymore.

I hope mailbox does not have this weirdly implemented thing and just stays at 1869 and won't delete entries at all.


I don't know if the year "add up" every 365 days.

Never noticed that detail until you posted this question. So, thank you because I learned a new thing. :)

You need someone who works at mailbox.org, like a sysadmin or developer, that can clarify how birthdays work.


I mean yeah its useful when someone from mailbox.org can reply on here or on the ticket i opened. But right now then only responded with, we don't have time to go into any details because we are too busy, go over to the user forum and ask there.

I don't find that very welcoming sadly


got a reply from them again finally.

Literally saying: "i don't know, test it out yourself in the free account"

I guess mailbox does not need or want new customers so they are just being rude and try to not have new people paying for their services.

At least someone replied on here, thanks for the answers and explanations on a few things.


Amazing. My question and request is simply just deleted.

Fuck mailbox. Piece of shit support who clearly don't care about their customers do not deserve any money