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filter on catchall address for incoming mail does not work

6491012 shared this problem 3 years ago

I am using a @domain.com alias as catchall for for my personal domain. The delivery works fine but the filter rules do not. I would like to filter out common spam addresses. For example, I often receive mail to ?domain@domain.com, where "?" is a single character. So I made this filter:


To Matches ?domain@domain.com


Move to folder Spamfolder

(Spamfolder exists)

Mails to, for example, wdomain@domain.com, are still delivered into my Inbox and not moved to the folder "Spamfolder".

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same problem here, thought i was doing somthing wrong but obviously not, what can we do about this ?


I’ve not found any definition of the grammar used for the Matches action type. The question mark may have special meaning, as it does with regex matches. As far as I can tell, there is no documentation available for Matches, so you may want to avoid using it as the behavior is unpredictable.

You can try escaping the character by appending a forward slash "\?" or changing to one of the other action types (like contains or starts with, which I believe are literal string matches.)