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First day of the week is Sunday despite setting up it to Monday

4940736 shared this idea 2 years ago


I set the first day of the week as Monday in the calendar setting but unfortunately it still shows Sunday as the first day.


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Please fix this, it’s confusing to look at a calendar with the wrong locale.


Confirmed, I'm also having this issue.

In both 1) the 'mini calendar' view and 2) when selecting the 'week' layout in the Calendar menu, Sunday is shown as the first day of the week.

This cannot be changed by setting the first day of the work week to Monday in Settings / Calendar.

Adding locales other than the standard CET timezone does not resolve the issue either.

Please fix this


If I change my language to my native language (Finnish), I get it correct first day of week (Monday). However, I prefer using all tech stuff in English, which gives me wrong first day of week (Sunday) in Mailbox.org calendar.


I also prefer the UI in English, but Monday as the first day in week. I found a workaround in setting the Language to "English (UK)" in Settings / Basic settings. This also fixes time for me, as I prefer 24 h instead of AM/PM.

With setting the language to "English (US)", Sunday is the first day in week and time is AM/PM.