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Forward spam to a dedicated spamcop email

5336492 shared this idea 20 months ago

In the administration interface, there should be an option to report spam automatically to spamcop (or to any organization offering a collaborative DNSL).

[x] Forward emails marked spam to spamcop.

Of course, it would require mailbox.org to open a paid account at spamcop, but prices are pretty low. It would allow Mailbox.org to have a dedicated reporting email. To report a spam, just forward it to this dedicated email. This is probably the easiest way to report a spam.

When user clicks on button "spam", it would forward the email automatically to Spamcop, and add the MX to Spamcop DNSBL.

If you also filter incoming email connections with Spamcop DNSBL, this would make a quite reponsive solution.

By the way, no other email provider is proposing this kind of collaborative service.

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An alternative requiring no programming would be that Mailbox.org opens a paid account at Spamcop. You keep the reporting email secret. Then for each account you create an email alias spam-23982984284784728473@mailbox.org pointing to your secret email at spamcop. To report a spam, each user can use his dedicated spam address. You only forward spam to this address and you are done.


I checked again Spamcop.net and noticed that inviduals can open a free account and obtain a dedicated reporting email. Spamcop also offers the ability to its users to become a "mole" i.e. not to send spam reports to ISP because it is useless.

So I simply would like to be able to indicate my spamcop email in the administration interface and whenever I flag an email as spam ... forward it to Spamcop.

Moreover, I would like to know if you are using Spamcop as a DNSBL or if indirectly Spamcop gets integrated in your DNSBL.