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GRD-AUTH-0002: Bad password.

3547199 shared this problem 16 days ago


I can't send any email. What's going wrong ?

Erreur du serveur avec le code d'état HTTP 500. Message d'erreur : status code: 500, reason phrase: GRD-AUTH-0002: Bad password.You well imagine I did not change my password..Thanks

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You probably activated 2FA and did not realize how it works here.


user password -> OTP

On this website:

4_digit_pin -> OTP

when you create your 2FA/OTP token you replace your password with a 4 digit pin that will now be your new password.

i hope the mailbox team will finally listen to customers and see how unacceptable the 2fa situation is for a modern website


Thank you for the answer. It was an opportunity for me to understand what 2FA is. In any case, it started working again without I touch anything. Strange behavior...But that put me in an embarrassing situation for a while :(