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Help! Unable to access paid mail account log in error

3025178 shared this problem 2 months ago

Dear all, I have been using Mailbox successfully for a few weeks. Tonight, I used it to send some emails out. I was out of a sudden asked to sign in again - unusual. When I did, I got this error message:

{"error":"An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.","error_params":["login"],"categories":"USER_INPUT","category":1,"code":"SVL-0002","error_id":"-790410511-23825","error_desc":"Missing the following request parameter: login"}
Please help! I cannot access my email on my phone, outlook, laptops or any browser. The same message comes up .I need access asap due to personal emergency!


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As announced in our system alert newsletter (you can subscribe in the settings area) and as announced in the yellow banner at https://mailbox.org, we have planned maintenance for updates tonight.



Thank you for your reply. I was very concerned that my account had been frozen (as other service users have had issues of that nature in the past).

I am glad that everything is okay! I confirm that I was able to log in this morning.