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Hours in calendar don't respect the correct timezone

1674864 shared this problem 8 months ago

I use most of the time the calendar (and also the email for what matters) from my smartphone or from Thundebird on desktop.

These days I have to use the web interface for the calendar and I've noticed that if I create an event in the web interface it shows a wrong timing on all the other devices. I have set up the timezone as +00:00 GMT Greenwich (as it is my current timezone) but all the events I add from the web interface shows up an hour later (like in a +1 timezone).

This is a huge problem honestly, I'm glad I've noticed it now so I know this and be careful not to rely too much on this calendar. As a paying user I'd really need to see this fixed, though.


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There are some kind of issues with calendars at all.

It’s better to go and host calendar somewhere else.

Mail is perfect.


Actually mail is not perfect because it has exactly the same timezone issue, I've just noticed. I'm moving my calendars somewhere else and I'm planning about migrating to another service completely if I don't see any fixes soon, honestly. This is a paid service run by a company and still some more amateur web projects seem to work better. The only reason I'd prefer a service like mailbox.org would be the reliability as I need it for my business.

Please listen to feedbacks and act.