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How can I have a birthday repeat itself each year?

Van der Woerd shared this question 3 years ago
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When I want to enter a (repeating) birthday in the Calendar there is now only one option: "every first/second/third/fourth day of the month". That is however not what I would like. I would like to repeat an event/birthday on a certain date each year. Is this possible?

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This answer may be obsolete since the question is one year old but this puzzled me initially as well.

Once you tick the "Repeat" checkbox, the grey box below contains the options for the recurring event. You can click the orange "weekly" for example, and change it to "yearly".

Then there are two lines, like this:

The appointment is repeated every second Saturday in May.

The appointment is repeated every year on day 13 of May. <- this one is greyed out

The second line is greyed out but you can click on it to activate that option instead of the first one.

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Thanx for your answer but yes I did already find out how.