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How do I change dashboard language?

7020936 shared this question 4 years ago

How do I change the dashboard language(after login)? I login from the english site but am presented with everything in german..

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You can adjust the language settings by logging in and clicking the Settings-Symbol (three bars) at the top-right corner. In the pop-up-Menü that opens

then, the uppermost entry says "Einstellungen", which is german for

"Settings". Please click on that.

The next step is, that you select "Grundeinstellungen", which is german

for "Basic Settings". It is the second entry in the List on the left

side of your Settings-Screen. Now you should see a window with six

Dropdown-Menus, the Topmost dropdown-menu is named "Sprache", which is

german for "Language". Please select the english language here.

Please relog and also change the country settings via

Settings --> mailbox.org --> Personal Data

As soon as you have switched these, all automatic emails that you

receive concerning your account and important updates will be in english



I am a recent trial user and found this important reply easily.


I found this helpful also. Thanks