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How to delete all calendar items?

6984813 shared this question 22 months ago
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Is there a way through the office client, windows or android to easily delete all items in a calendar and have this synchronise? Instead of manually selecting and deleting each one? Thanks.

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I wanted to import data from my current calendar (ICS format) and now I have ... 3 times the same entries. How can I delete all entries from my calendar at one time to get it clean? Thanks !



Typically you can change the calendar view in such a way that you see all entries in a list.

You can do this in your e-mail client or in our web interface.

In our web interface, just choose the calendar view and then click on the view button on the top right.

Then choose "list" view.

Now you can mark all the calendar items at once and delete them.


Great ! Thank you.

Is it also possible to proceed in the same way for past appointments ? I did not find a way to display them !

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