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how to receive technical support via ticket?

5236790 shared this problem 6 months ago
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I sent an email to support@mailbox.org and I was sent an auto-reply that they've introduced a new helpdesk system, and sent me the link.

When I logged in and tried to create a ticket, it said "There are no request types configured for this Service Desk."

So, how do we log an actual ticket?

For instance, I need my calendar completely erased. (I saw the advise posted to sort as view and select, but this does not capture all the events previous, and it's giving errors on repeating entries).

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please send us your questions via email to lost-password@mailbox.org. Our new service desk portal was introduced just yesterday and a small percentage of our customers can not create tickets at the moment. We are fixing the problem and are sorry for any inconveniences.


Great, thank you. I see the ticket system is now working. I've submitted my ticket, thanks for info - I never saw a banner or notice of any kind.