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How to send PGP encrypted email with Mailvelope?

8176120 shared this question 11 months ago
Need Answer

I want to send PGP encrypted email with Mailvelope. I could not find any documentation how to do it.

1) Does Mailbox automatically finds the recipient's PGP Public Key?

2) How to add the recipient's PGP Public Key?

3) How to send my PGP Public Key to the recipient?

Can you help me?

For the team, best would be to write an article about that.

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1) i think mailbox use a dedicated HKPS key server that distribute only verified keys of mailbox.org users.

2*) in you address book, you can add/edit a contact and add pgp public key, or under "setting - security - mailbox guard - public key of recipients"

3*) When you compose new message and enable encryption, under "security" you can select "attack my key".

ora just add your public key in your drive and select "attachment - add from drive" and select your key

* For point 2 and 3 this is my experience using Guard, i don't know if is differente with mailvelope