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How to set the outgoing email adres? in de webmail app

1600832 shared this question 21 months ago
Need Answer

I tried to set my domain mail as main account. This results in no mail folders and authentication failures. When I log in again with the new account name, nothing changes. I can alter settings but not see my inbox.

I also tried to change the default email arrested for sending, by my domain email arrested is not selectable.

In the android app k9mail, everything works fine.

Please help me to setup the webmail client the same.

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I found it out.... after 2 hours.

You have to log into your webmail account with: username@mailbox.org. You need to add mailbox.org when logging in, not only username :(.

Can mailbox.org please add this to the reader?

After this you can select your domain email as default. Settings->mail->default sender address.



You also need to add a new mail account for your new e-mail address from your own domain.

This can be done by:

- going to mail

- click on add new mail account

- fill in manual with your new mail alias from your domain.

- Use IMAP settings or POP from your mailbox.org account.

after this it will show up to be selected as outgoing mail.

Links to manuals: