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HTTP Upload limit: 10MB max?

2482967 shared this idea 12 months ago


would it be possible to enable 20 MB files upload?

I often send big PDFs and videos and this is limiting.

Even free server offer mupltiple times higher rates: https://blabber.im/server-status/ pix-art.de http://www.jabber.de https://jabjab.de/zertifikate.php

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I have more questions related to http upload:

1. is it possible to implement partial transfers? Any limit is never enough, some time it is easier to have one transfer made of multiple parts. And some times internet connection is so slow, that one transfer will go in to timeout. Resending it may brake as well...

2. Connect upload pool with user account. If i already pay for my account and have enough storage to share a 1GiB file, why am i limited by on xmpp side?

3. Make xmpp user storage pool accasable from mailbox account. So user is able to configure maximal storage time and so on..