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I can not send email

9910180 shared this question 2 months ago
Need Answer

I get the following error:Wrong or missing login data to access mail transport server smtp.mailbox.org. Please check associated account's settings/credentials.

Thank you!


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Exactly the same issue, but only with recently created accounts.

I have three accounts :

  • The first two accounts work with smtp and imap. I have been using these accounts for a month without problem.
  • The last account works with imap but fails with smtp. I created this last account a few days ago.

i double-checked everything, the problem is on Mailbox.org side, please correct.

Also, I created an issue on your ticket management system but none answers, so I have to make it public.

Thank you !


@9910180: We corrected our settings and you should be able to send emails again. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

@7602994: It looks like you already deleted the mentioned account. Please let us know if we can help in any way.


Same for me! can't send emails!

The nitice is: "wrong or missing login data to access mail transport server smtp.mailbox.org..."

Please, help!!!


Sorry, I think this as a fraud/spam account so I won't unlock it.