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I emailed the mailbox.org Support Team on Jan 24 and it's now Feb 4 but I have not received a reply

4445877 shared this problem 3 years ago

I followed up with emails on Jan 30 and Feb 2. Awaiting a response to my ticket.

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I think you have 1 Euro per month plan where the only support they would provide is "user forum support". I am not sure this was the case when I bought the plan but either way I think it might be a good time to look for alternatives.

I had a billing question and I haven't yet received a response after 2 months. I mean not giving prompt response to "1 Euro" plan is another thing but just leaving your paying users to "user forum" entirely is on a different level altogether.


Great topic here... here is some details about the subject:




Here is my experience: as a new user (1€) i asked 2 questions and i did get an answer after 24h which is great but on the third question ticket, my ticket was just left without answer (i did close the support ticket my self after 1 week)...

I understand perfectly that giving support to 1€ users is complicated/undo-able regardless to the costs, BUT this should be stated clearly when we register or when we contact the support, leaving a ticket without answer is not professional at all.

I am a new user and i am very happy with the service and willing to stay BUT this issue should addressed, you should state clearly how support works. and eventually deny ticket creation for users that are not eligible for answers.

Also personally i have registered with many 1€ accounts to be able to separate the different box... i guess even if i have multiple paying account that makes me not eligible for first class support... but anyway this is an other topic. (i do so because we can not have multiple inbox on the same account, also sharing the same domain on team accounts is not possible and for me it's cheaper to just have multiple account instead of team accounts which i don't use the provided features "sharing..." plus this is a better way to go to keep things really separated and i can downgrade/upgrade as needed without limits, any way it's great i just miss the possibility of sharing the same domain over multiple accounts but as i said this is an other topic)

Edit: we can not have multiple inbox on the same account... i think this is possible just check my other message...


Just got an idea !

You could implement a limited number of ticket per year per account type.

Let say 1€ would have 1 ticket per year and 2.5€ 3 tickets or something that would be amazing if implemented


Just as a note (my bad... i think we can use the same domain over multiple account we just need to add the txt multiple times... i did not test it but i think this would work)


Naah, I think if there's billing related query they must respond. Maybe with some delay but they ought to respond.

Similarly if something is broken technically then too. But that's just my two cents.