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iCal from Remember the Milk no longer works

3159015 shared this problem 9 months ago

I use a third party reminder tool from www.rememberthemilk.com. Their export provides both private and public iCalendar URLs. The private requires your RTM account ID and password.

Now, all of these work successfully in Thunderbird. And prior to August 1st, events showed from August 1st onwards. As of August 1st, no events appear at all.

I've tried recreating the external iCalendars, using both public and private, by subscribing to the iCalendar URL. I've confirmed the URLs are correct, and match those for Thunderbird. And I've modified events, and seen updates appear in Thunderbird.

However, although Mailbox.org says that it's refreshed from the URL, there are no events appearing in the calendar.

Does anyone have any ideas, or recommendations?

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I'm not show how to edit my own comment, which is why I'm replying to my own posting, here.

I just noticed that while no RTM entries appear in August or September, my October and later calendars do show the RTM entries. Back in July, there were no July entries showing, but the August entries appeared. As of August first, the window shifted.

I'm not sure why, but it seems like Mailbox can't handle the current or next months.