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cick0 shared this problem 10 months ago

I'm trying to import some calendars from next-cloud. The majority of records are imported ok but some are not. The trouble is that the importer is not too helpful.

The error messages are displayed such as:


Data only partially imported (347 of 348 records)

The targeted occurrence is not part of the appointment series. Please select a valid recurrence identifier and try again.


This does not help me find the problematic line.

I've tried using the iCal validator at https://icalendar.org/validator.html and that helps a bit. Some errors match but there are also those that are reported at mailbox.org but not at icalendar, and vice-versa. The useful thing is that the validator shows the exact line where the error is found so it is possible to correct.

The error displayed above is not found by the iCal validator and hence can't be fixed reliably.

Is there any other tool that can validate the iCal file for import into mailbox.org? Or, where could I request improvements for the iCal import? (I assume Open Exchange?)

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It would be possible to submit a ticket with Open Exchange (https://www.open-xchange.com/services/ox-support/general-information/) but one needs to be a subscriber. My assumption would be that mailbox.org is a subscriber, therefore being entitled to support tickets.

It would be great if someone could request at least the line numbers being displayed in the error log on iCal import.

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