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Impossible to remove inbox encryption

9066880 shared this problem 3 years ago


I've tried to use inbox encryption with my public key and it works perfectly. Now I want to remove protection and it does not work. Server returns fault and inbox encryption is still there. Fault text body is here:

An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request.


"action": "update",

"session": "0473086d661b48ea8cc7b2f5f8246299"


{ "id": 2,

"position": 2,

"rulename": "Inbox encryption",

"active": false,

"flags": [],

"test": { "id": "true" },

"actioncmds": [

{ "id": "pgp",

"keys": [ "-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----\r\nVersion: BCPG v1.53\r

--- cut here ---

" ]