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Inbox encryption no longer working

3524114 shared this problem 2 years ago

It appears that mails I receive in my inbox are no longer being encrypted (as of April 8th). It was previously working for the past few months. My public key is still loaded in the system, but I noticed that the "Inbox Encryption" filter I have now says "This rule contains unsupported properties." next to it, but there's no way to view what this unsupported property is now.. I suspect there was an update on mailbox.org that broke this functionality.

Please address this ASAP, since this is an important security feature that no longer works!

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Upon further investigation, it seems to be because the key in my settings may have expired. I have tried to update it but ran into the issue described here in the last comment: https://userforum-en.mailbox.org/topic/inbox-encryption-suddenly-stopped-working-despite-having-public-key-set

I had to uncheck 'activate encryption', delete the old key, move to a different page in settings, and then move back to re-activate & paste my new key before the system would accept it and stop using the old key. That, indeed, is a (very annoying) bug!