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inbox encryption suddenly stopped working despite having public key set

3524114 shared this problem 2 years ago

I noticed today that inbox encryption hasn't been working for the past few hours on my account, even though my public key is set & there's a filter to encrypt mail received in my inbox. I have literally changed nothing.

This is rather urgent to resolve...

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I see this in the error log when I went to the 'inbox encryption' tab in settings and unchecked/rechecked the option to enable it:

  1. Please review your mail filter rules as they seem to be invalid. Response from server: "Open-Xchange: line 19: error: pgp_encrypt command: invalid ASCII armor for key 1/20254248: invalid character in base64 data. Open-Xchange: error: validation failed. "

I exported my key with:

  1. gpg --export --armor <KEY ID

...which output the base64-encoded value for my public key. Why doesn't Open-Xchange think this is valid all of a sudden?


I have figured this out, and I believe there's a bug in the settings for inbox encryption.

The issue was that my pgp key had expired, I renewed it, and was trying to paste in the updated public key. The web form where the public key is input into mailbox.org would never overwrite the old key. I had to put in something invalid (I used "aaaa"), save it, go back to the Inbox Encryption tab and notice that the pgp key field was now empty. Only then could I paste in my new key and have it saved correctly.