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IOS and Mailbox.org

5551725 shared this question 12 months ago
Need Answer

How do you guys use Mailbox.org with your IOS device?

What would round up this website is a designated IOS app.

In my case, I can not use the IOS mail app because it is exlusive for my business mail only.

So i am looking for an alternative app.

Any suggestions which does not lower the privacy standards?

PGP encryption is not neccessary. I don't really use it.

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Canary Mail works great with Mailbox.org (including PGP).


thx for the answer. looks promising


If you don't need PGP encryption you can configure mailbox.org wherever you want.

It's standard IMAP, therefore you shouldn't have any problem.

Push protocol is surely supported in iOS Mail app. I don't know with other clients.

Canary Mail looks promising. Thanks for sharing 9992092.