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iPhone Reminders and MailBox Tasks show different times

1100863 shared this problem 14 months ago


I am testing out mailbox.org and have setup my iPhone to connect to the services (Cal, contacts, reminders). I used the script that mailbox.org offers to setup the ActiveSync on the phone. Everything connects fine, but there is a time sync issue only with tasks.

  1. When I enter a task on my Mac via the web browser and add a due date and time. The time on my iphone shows 5 hours ahead. If I enter the task on my iPhone (via Reminders) it will show up on the Web Browser 5 hours behind. In other words, 4AM in the browser is 9AM on my iphone.

A few things to note:

  1. The date, time, timezone on my phone is correct.
  2. The date, time, timezone on my mailbox.org preferences is correct.
  3. When I enter a calendar event. The times are correct on both my phone and mailbox calendar. So calendar times are all correct.

Any help or ideas are welcomed.

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**UPDATE:: I made another test, and now the problem is a little stranger. If I add a task and set a due date with time AND also set a reminder date with time to the task via my Mac Web browser - on my iPhone (using Apple's Reminder app) the task's DUE time shows up wrong BUT the task's reminder time(alarm) show up correctly! Please see the attached images.