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Is anyone able to configure mailbox.org account using Exchange on Outlook for iOS?

8423695 shared this problem 2 years ago

I have tried a few times to configure my mailbox.org account as an Exchange account on the Outlook iOS app. I want to do this so that I can access my calendar and contacts as well within the Outlook iOS app (with an IMAP configuration it works, but no access to calendar and contacts).

But the problems is that you get "an invalid certificate error" in the app and Microsoft mentioned that it is not a problem at their side. I do understand the "privacy" concerns with the Outlook iOS app, but I would still like to use the app.

Has anyone managed to get this working in the Outlook iOS app?

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Same problem for me on an android device...


I followed the description (provided by mailbox.org) to set up an mailbox account as Exchange account. That worked before, but does no longer work on my new Iphone with ios 11.

So I cant import my contacts from mailbox.org to my new iPhone by using active sync.

No solution in sight so far... anny suggestions?


I have the same problem! I just signed up for mailbox.org, paid in advance for several years and now it turns out I can't actually use it on my phone?


For Android, there is an app called "OX Sync". This handles synchronization of contacts and calendars. You just need to provide your credentials and then "never" need to open that app again (at least as long as you don't change your password). Synchonization happens in the background.

Not sure if this app exists for iOS as well.

For e-mail, I'm simply using IMAP/SMTP.


I use Outlook for all my other email accounts. I don't want to install another app just to handle mailbox.org! The whole point of getting an account here was that it would act as an Exchange server I could easily add.

I also tried IMAP but I can't even get that to work. Has anybody successfully managed to add the IMAP server?



there are a number of instructions published by mailbox.org. I find them quite useful, you just have to find the right one.

I could not sync my contacts as described on my I-pone with an exchange account, it just did not work, i did not found out why (but it worked on my old phone).

Instead I created now a new IMAP email account on my iOS phone, which worked fine with the instructions given by mailbox.org. But tat does not help with the contacts.

I managed to import all my contacts from mailbox.org with something called "CalDAV and CardDAV":


In iOS 11 the accounts are to find under settings, and then "Accounts & password". Here you just click "add account" and fill in the information as described under the link above. Here I also crated an new IMAP account for my mailbox.org emails.

So I have now two different accounts, the "dav .maibox.org" for the contacts on my phone, and an IMAP account for all e-mails. Worked for me.

good luck!


I did manage to set up the IMAP server using the default iOS Mail app. However, when I use the same details in the Outlook app (with imap.mailbox.org as the server) it says it can't connect. Is it possible that mailbox.org is blocking the app?


Can't believe how badly this is documented, Depending on which of the official mailbox.org pages you look, you will be told to use any of the following servers:





Well, I'm happy to tell you that only the last one actually works: dav.mailbox.org


I was able to setup, on IOS using the default AppleMail, the contacts, Calendar, Email and Reminders in a single Exchange account. It took a little fiddling but I was able to get it up and running.

Here's the steps (I just deleted my account and will re-establish it here to verify) -- this is using IOS 11.4.1 on an iPhone 8+ :

1) Go under Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> Add Account and select "Exchange"

2) Enter your foo@mailbox.org email address and press Next. A popup will be displayed asking whether to configure manually or "Sign-in" (with Microsoft).

3) Press "Configure Manually" and enter your password then press Next.

That should be essentially it -- you should be rewarded with a screen showing whether to enable :

Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders.

Press "Save" and you're good.

Now.. Once last tweak you might want to know -- select the new "Exchange" account and notice the setting entitled "Mail Days to Sync" set initially to "1 month" .. You may want to adjust that to something else, otherwise you may not see all the mail you're expecting on your IOS device.