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Is FreeOTP+ Incompatible with Mailbox.org

1340086 shared this question 7 months ago
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I use FreeOTP+ on three devices running Lineage OS 16.0 (android)

All three devices show the same OTP for all my tokens, as you would expect, except for both my Mailbox accounts. Regardless of whether I manually scan the QR from Mailbox at the same time or I setup one device and backup and restore to the others, it doesn't matter, I will end up with 2 or 3 different OTPs for each Mailbox account, only one of which works of course, and there is no way of knowing which one. So now I am in the unsatisfactory position of having to deactivate OTP and revert to password only.

Can anyone provide any insight into this quirky behaviour? Perhaps I should try a different OTP app to see if it is FreeOTP+ that doesn't play well with Mailbox, then I can ask the FreeOTP+ dev.

Another related question is why Mailbox is the only company I deal with that doesn't provide the token secret key or backup OTP codes?

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Update: I can use FreeOTP on all three devices if I enrol them at the same time, as there is no built-in backup (although it can be backed up with the right script) which is why I use FreeOTP+. So this would suggest that FreeOTP+ doesn't play well with Mailbox's OTP implementation.

I have found Aegis, an open source OTP app. I will try that next.