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Is it safe to use Gmail app on Android with a mailbox account?

4272426 shared this question 2 years ago
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One motivation why to use mailbox is that I don't want google to have the data about what I am writing in my emails and which appointments I make. Do I compromise this when I use the Gmail app on my Android device to sync mails and calendar?

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Same question with regard to the stock Android Calendar app. Should I use it or a 3rd party calendar app?


I use the Etar calendar on my android instead of google calendar.


It depends what kind of independence from google you aspire.

The less applications you use from Google, the less the risk you describe.

From this point of view a Google-free Android operating systems would be your choice n° 1: https://www.lineageos.org/ , https://sailfishos.org/ , https://code.fairphone.com/projects/fp-osos/ and in the future librem os https://puri.sm/why-purism/

For any certified spyware and tracking free software, please checkout everything available through the alternative app store F-Droid

There you should be able to find both, an e-mail app (K-9) and a calendar app.


This does not answer my question, I was more referring, can google access my mailbox.org email and extract info because im using their app?Maybe there are legal agreements, so that its not possible to spy on other mailbox, other than gmail itself, but that is what Im trying to find out.



We would not be able to answer this with certainty. From our end the only point where we share a tiny bit of data with Google is during the sign up, as we need to use Google recaptcha as a means to avoid fraudulent creation of accounts. So far this is the best method to do this, but we are evaluating the creation of our own recaptacha.

Afterwards we don't share voluntarily any information with Google and we don't have any contracts with them.

You can verify this partially regarding our websites with the webbkoll tool: https://webbkoll.dataskydd.net/en/results?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmailbox.org

We also charge money for our services, so we don't have to rely on selling your data. (Which we would never do.)

So it all comes down to your android phone.

Android has been mainly developed by Google which is good on the one hand, as it's a very handy and very popular operating system.

On the other hand Google uses it to obtain information about its users. Android stock phones have services that are commonly called G-APPS and that transfer all kinds of data to Google.

For a more detailed overview about G-APPS, please refer to the Fairphone open OS overview as an example of G-APPS free OS:


Which data exactly is being transferred in a stock Android to Google?

Like I said, that's hard to tell and maybe you should ask Google about this. But if you use the recommended apps and above all a Google free Android the risk of sharing data and your e-mail content with Google is rather low.