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Is Nitrokey supported

6259297 shared this question 1 year ago
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is Nitrokey supported for 2fa and mail encryption?

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Nitrokey is supported for 2FA and recommended. Use the generic HOTP or TOTP device, generate the parameters local in your Nitrokey App and copy it to the form.

For mail encryption it is supported to. Activate the mailbox.org Guard and replace the auto-generated keypair with the public key of the Nitrokey. Than your key is published by our HKPS keyserver and other mailbox.org user (or user of some other providers with auto-key locate via keyserver) can send encrypted emails.

For mail decryption in the weninterface it is not possible to use the Nitrokey, because the browser has no access to your private key stored in the secure Nitrokey environment. You have to use an email client with GnuPG support.


The problem here is that 2FA does not work with email clients, and decryption does not work with the web interface :-/ So neither is really an option.